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Companies that invest in training their employees, increase productivity, reduce risks and costs, promote personal development, and improve communication skills and conflict resolution.

BCM Corporativo has more than 7 years giving training courses, using the best pedagogical practices for the delivery of courses, endorsed by international institutions.

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We have a portfolio of more than 30 courses, some of them:

Soft skills

Leadership Effective communication
Teamwork Life Skills
Among others

Project Management

Obtaining knowledge to improve the management of a project including the definition of scope, scheduling activities, resource management, risk management, budget control, among others.

Some benefits:

  • Minimize risks in a project.
  • Define times and ranges.
  • Reduction in costs.
  • Meet the objectives of the project.
Icono lápiz nivel básico

Project Management fundamentals

Icono lupa nivel intermedio del curso administración de proyectos

Project Management Course

Icono mundo nivel avanzado del curso de administración de proyectos

Diploma in Project Management

Icono de escuadra y regla curso práctico de administración de proyectos

MS Project (Program Management for PM)

Icono birrete curso avanzado de administración de proyectos

Certification Course and Workshop PMP / CAPM: Project Management Professional PMP® Certified Associate in Project Management CAPM®

Icono modelo atómico curso master en administración de proyectos

Project Management Certification Program

Agile Methodology – Scrum

Series of processes designed to make the management and results of a project more effective, applying a set of good practices to work as a team.

Some benefits:

  • Provides flexibility of change during a project.
  • Maximizes the value of the project.
  • Reduce re-work costs.
  • Improves communication while motivating the team.
Icono lápiz para el nivel básico de Scrum

Scrum fundamentals

Icono rostro humano para el curso Certificación Scrum Developer
Scrum Developer Certification:

For people who interact in Scrum teams.

Icono rompecabezas para el curso de Certificación Scrum Master
Scrum Master Certification:

They understand how to apply Scrum in projects and how to design it in a given case.

Icono castillo para el curso de Certificación Scrum Product Owner
Scrum Product Owner certification:

For experienced practitioners who represent the business interest in a project.

Icono foco para el curso Certificación Agile Scrum
Agile Scrum Certification:

They have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the values, methods and complexity of Agile.

Icono copa para el curso de Certificación Scrum Master Expert
Scrum Master Expert Certification:

Ensure that applicants have the ability to compare and choose the appropriate methodology in a given situation.

ITIL Methodology

A series of knowledge and good practices applied to improve the management of IT services within an organization.

Some benefits:

  • Demonstrate the use of various IT techniques and processes.
  • Know the design services of the management processes, matrices and governance of the organization.
  • Understand the value of communication, documentation and automation.
  • Execute plans and improvement strategy.
Icono lápiz para el curso Básico de ITIL

ITIL Fundamentals Certificate

Icono lupa para el curso Intermedio de ITIL

ITIL Intermediate Modules. Modular structure, each provides an important part in the delivery of services.

Icono estructura jerárquica para los módulos de ITIL
  • Service Operation
  • Service Strategy
  • Service Transition
Icono estructura jerárquica para los módulos de ITIL
  • Service Design
  • Continual Service Improvement

Business Analysis

Knowledge and good practices applied to improve the management of the requirements of the business and aligned with the objectives of the project.

Some benefits:

  • Know the risks and opportunities of the business.
  • Manage resources, time and investments
  • Reduce economic losses.
Icono de lápiz para el curso Básico de Business Analysis

Efficient survey of requirements.

Icono copa para el curso de Business Analysis
Business Analysis

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